About Us

With more than 40 years of experience, we are a pioneer in retailing in Togo.
We operate a supermarket chain, as well as chains specializing in luxury goods, household appliances and duty-free.

Ram Shriyan,

Fondateur visionnaire

The origins of the company lie with one man, Ram Shriyan. He arrived in Togo from India as an executive with a multinational company in the 1970s. The Ram Company (abbreviated to RAMCO), which he founded, started out as a small neighborhood grocery store. Over the years, the business grew steadily. In 1991, Ramco opened its first supermarket and gradually established itself as the benchmark for supermarket sales in Togo.

We lose a visionary and skilful businessman, as well as a loving and exemplary family man. Ram Shriyan, who passed away in July 2022, built the Ramco Group with patience, ambition and intelligence. Ram Shriyan’s growth and prosperity have made him a major player in the Togolese economy.

From India to Togo, a story of connection and anchoring

Since its creation, Ramco has always cultivated its dual Indian and Togolese culture. Not only through the perfect integration of the Shriyan family into Togolese society, but also through the diversity of its teams.

Through its growth and development, Ramco have built and strengthened its local roots. The fact that a district of Lomé bears the Ramco name is both a source of pride and a symbol of our local roots. Today, the Group is a key player in the diplomatic, economic and friendly ties that exist between India and Togo.

These strong ties underpin its commitment to offering Togo the best products from the world’s leading brands, while dedicating sections to products made in Togo.

Découvrez notre magasin de luxe, La Parfumerie en Ville, situé sur l’Avenue du 24 Janvier, à Lomé